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About Me

Richard Gonzalez

I received my PhD in 1990 from Stanford University in Psychology. I worked with Phoebe Ellsworth studying psychology and law and with Amos Tversky studying mathematical modeling and judgment and decision making.

I spent seven years at the University of Washington’s Psychology department, a sabbatical year at Princeton University, and have been at the University of Michigan’s Psychology department since 1997. I also have joint appointments in Statistics and Marketing. I’m a Research Professor at the Research Center for Group Dynamics as well as the Center for Human Growth and Development.  I am a Faculty Associate of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Clinic and the Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics. I co-founded and co-directed with Panos Papalambros the Design Science Program at the University of Michigan. I am currently director of the Biosocial Methods Collaborative at the Institute of Social Research.

Here is my complete CV.