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Graduate Students

I have worked with excellent students throughout my career. I’ll list graduate students for whom I chaired or co-chaired their dissertation committee, and also list graduate students who worked closely with me on published papers or conference proceedings. I have also served on over 75 dissertation committees as a committee member and have hosted several international students on research visits.

Former Graduate Students (current position)

  • John Davis,  Microsoft
  • Lisa Wagner, University of San Fransisco
  • Laura Kray, University of California, Berkeley
  • Bill Fulton, Ronin User Experience
  • Wendy Treynor, Healing Consulting
  • Catharine Wang, University of Pennsylvania
  • Taka Masuda, University of Alberta
  • Elizabeth Venoitt, Klein Associates
  • Shaun Ho, University of Michigan
  • Arran Caza, Wake Forest University
  • Shiang-Tung Jung, Quintiles
  • Yimin Liu, Ford Motor Company
  • Hanna Chua, Cisco
  • Jeremy Welland, Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Guido Biele, University of Oslo
  • Malgorzata Siarkiewicz, Warsaw University
  • Vera Sacharin, University of Lausanne
  • Tiffany Griffin, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Food Security
  • Erin MacDonald, Iowa State University
  • Nick Sorensen, American Institutes for Research
  • Tahira Reid, Purdue University
  • Seda Yilmaz, Iowa State University
  • Julie Hall, University of California, Berkeley
  • Marc Berman, Rutgers University
  • Alex Chavez, National Board of Medical Examiners
  • Ilkin Ersal (Hossoy), Bosch
  • Mobeen Shaukat, Chrysler Co.
  • Laura Ramsey, Bridgewater State University
  • Sookyung Cho, Northern Kentucky University
  • Elliott Manzon, University of Cincinnati
  • Ji Hye Kim, Yahoo!
  • Soodeh Montazeri, University of Michigan

Current Students (my advisees as well as students working on projects with me)

  • Emily Bonen
  • Jason Stornelli
  • Stephanie Carpenter
  • Amir Sabet
  • Vineet Raichur
  • David Lee
  • Patricia Chen
  • Clover Aguayo
  • Alex Burnap
  • Yay-hyung Cho
  • Karen Nielsen